Is the second novel written by O’neil Sharma

Louis Sommer gets out of jail, determined to live the good life but temptation haunts him at every step. Can he change who he is? Can any of us?

You have ruined my life. Did you know that? I’m leaving today and I’m never coming back because next time will be forever. Doctor Portner says: “Louis, people can change”. I want to believe her. I have to believe her. So, no more pills, no more drugs, no more booze, no more sex. Easy to say because I’ve not been tested yet. The temptation starts with you, on the outside. Right now I’m more afraid than I’ve ever been because in five minuets I’ll be fighting for my life. Fighting for the good life.

The Good Life Book Jacket 2021


Is the first novel written by O’neil Sharma.
The book is now available as a SCRIPT