What makes a good director?

Directing is a job where spontaneity and intuition are just as important as following the script. A good director both commands and surrenders to the moment. Communicative. Directors should be able to properly communicate the needs of the scene to their actors. Fotoautomat Man was a fun run and gun film made with professional artists with a guerilla filmmaking mentality. Please take a look at some of my past works below. If you want to discuss them with me further Contact Me.

Director - O'neil Sharma

HOT TEASER: Produced through Summerstorm Productions. The script is available see SCRIPTS for more information.

TAGLINE: Simple story of boy meets girl and a lamb.

ONE SMALL STEP – Short Film: A moon landing tribute: It is Christmas and two brothers await the arrival of Santa Claus. But, Tim has forgotten how to sleep and every child knows Santa only brings presents to those who are asleep. He and his brother Andy must sleep before it is too late.

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