Here is a collection of my published work, along with my recently released ‘Son of Man’, published February 2024. Whether as a book or as a screenplay, I love nothing more than telling stories and getting inside the puzzle that is the mind of my creations.


Get ready for an irreverent and enlightening journey as ‘Son of Man’ takes you on a divine escapade beyond the crucifixion. In this speculative satire, O’neil Sharma imagines Jesus, risen and disillusioned.

He decides to break away from his predetermined fate and skips the ascension to embark on a journey to India. His goal is to confront the prophecy that shaped his destiny, live freely, and find solace in divine therapy. He quickly makes arrangements to meet with gods and mortals, and soon finds himself in the company of bickering deities such as Kali, Krishna, and Ganesha, who accept their flaws.

With their guidance, he learns to embrace the joy of being human and the challenges of being a man-god with no mission. As the cosmic absurdity unfolds, Jesus ponders whether knowing the future ruins the punchline or makes it better?

In ‘Son of Man,’ the cosmic meets the comedic, and the divine discovers the joy in being human, leaving readers with laughter, contemplation, and a newfound appreciation for the unpredictable twists of existence.


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Is the second novel written by O’neil Sharma.


Louis Sommer gets out of jail, determined to live the good life but temptation haunts him at every step. Can he change who he is? Can any of us?


You have ruined my life. Did you know that? I’m leaving today and I’m never coming back because next time will be forever. Doctor Portner says: “Louis, people can change”. I want to believe her. I have to believe her. So, no more pills, no more drugs, no more booze, no more sex. Easy to say because I’ve not been tested yet. The temptation starts with you, on the outside. Right now I’m more afraid than I’ve ever been because in five minuets I’ll be fighting for my life. Fighting for the good life.

Published Work The Good Life Book Jacket 2021


Saul Cohen becomes a detective after a brutal string of murders in the Jewish community in 1987. Saul is a former Sonderkommando who has to confront the horrors of his past to solve crimes in the present. But, he is fast losing control of his ability to restrain the nightmare images he has suppressed for so long. As Saul’s Alzheimer’s progresses, he faces the prospect of spending his last days at Auschwitz. The place he has spent his life trying to forget.


The White House the first novel written by O’neil Sharma. and is now available as a SCRIPT

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